Trick Shot Gogo's Crazy Bones


Gogo's Crazy Bones


Most likley 2011, No Confirmed Year Known


North America


Extremely Rare

Q Mack and J Box are two people who helped out in the Trick Shot Contest. Q Mack is very well known for his basketball trick shots, and his partner J Box is well known for his beatboxing. The two visited schools across America and gave out special limited edition Q Mack and J Box Gogo's (pictured). These two Gogo's are super rare, and are the only celebrity Gogo's that are avalible to the public. They can also be won in contests (the Gogo's that is).



Trick Shot Contest The Gogo's Trick Shot contest is a contest by JDNA.


  • Create a Gogo's Trick Shot Video
  • Upload your video to YouTube
    (if you're under 13 ask for your parents help)
  • Copy the link to your video and enter it when filling out the entry form.
  • Pick your Gogo to start the shot
  • Name the trick shot ("Behind the back Mosh extravaganza")
  • Show the shot in action
  • We respect privacy concerns so please do not include any images/footage of children in the clips...just the Gogo's

There are two grand prizes to be awarded, one for best real trick shot and the other for best fake/edited trick shot.

  • GRAND PRIZE (2): One (1) Full set of series 1 Gogo’s includes 80 characters plus 15 Wanted and 5 Most Wanted, One (1) Full set of series 2 Gogo’s includes 80 characters, One (1) Gogo’s Poster, One(1) Miro-K Gogo, One (1) Limited Edition Gold Collector’s Tin
  • SECONDARY PRIZES (3): One (1) set of Five (5) Most Wanted Gogo’s, Miro-K Gogo, One (1) Limited Edition Gold Collector’s Tin plus One (1) Gogo’s poster
  • OTHER PRIZES (10): Five (5) Gogo’s including One (1) Miro-K Gogo

Good luck!

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