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Extremely Rare

In July, 1999, 5 exclusive baseball themed Crazy Bone figures were given away to the first 10,000 children, age 14 and under at a Toronto Blue Jays baseball game in Toronto, Canada. The only days the figures were given out were July 3rd, 17th, 31st to August 14th and 28th. The figures are extremely rare. Also given away were figures from the Mexican Hielocos Futboleros series and a Crazy Bones baseball card.




1999 News

July 7, 1999

The Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Club is adding to its Honda Jr. Jays Saturday promotion with the introduction of The Blue Jays' Crazy Bones promotion. Crazy Bones, distributed byAll 4 Fun of Markham, Ontario, are little plastic characters, that have comical, facial expressions. First introduced July 3, the promotion gives the first 10,000 children in attendance, a package of Crazy Bones which includes a Toronto Blue Jay Crazy Bone, two Sports Series Crazy Bones and a Blue Jays Crazy Bone Baseball Card featuring that day's Blue Jays Crazy Bone. Over the course of the give away promotion, running throughout July and August, children who attend all five games can complete their collection of Toronto Blue Jays Crazy Bones.

News from Crazy Bones Canada Website 1999

Watch for an exciting summer tie-in with the Toronto Blue Jays beginning July 3!

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