Skyzos is a toyline released by Panini. In each pack are two figures and two stickers.

Each Skyzo has two sides; a “BAD” and a “GOOD”. Turn the Skyzo upside down and discover its… flip side! The “BAD” side appears when you see the ‘–‘ sign on top of the Skyzo. The “GOOD” side appears when you see the ‘+’ sign on the top of the Skyzo. 

The Skyzos come in dozens of bright colours, but that’s not all, you’ll also find special fluorescent Skyzos that glow in the dark once they’ve been charged up by the sunlight! There is also rare silver and gold variants and a sport series that are decorated with colours of national teams.



SO! Who are the Skyzos? Actually, you’re better off asking WHAT are the Skyzos?! The result of molecular experiments by mad scientist Skyz, the Skyzos are a mysterious mixture of molecules of unknown origin. What we do know is that they’re an inexhaustible source of energy and fun, an unstoppable invasion that should be ridden like a wave! Follow us on this incredible journey into the Skyzo Universe!


  • Some Skyzos are colored based on sport team flags.
  • Skyzos were also released free with children's magazines in Austria and most parts of europe.
  • Skyzos were made by Panini that also released official Gogo's Crazy Bones.
  • Panini released another series known as Abatons which are similar to Skyzos and can be stacked.
  • Its storyline is similar to Dracco Heads, in terms of a mad scientist creating a race of small creatures with superpowers that he loses control of.


Skyzos Origins Slideshow

  • In a basement on an unknown road in an unknown city, Professor Skyz is conducting some very strange experiments…
  • By combining various molecules, he thinks he can create a creature with superpowers...
  • just one last drop of mercury and...
  • Suddenly there’s a flash of atomic energy! Something has gone wrong with the experiment...
  • “And who are you lot?” asks the professor, seeing very strange little creatures pop up.
  • A quiet-looking creature says “Daddy…” but immediately flips itself upside down and takes on a much more sinister form...
  • “Help!” cries Professor Skyz. But the little creatures are now totally out of control.
  • The Skyzos have escaped to conquer the world! Find them if you can!