Gogo's Crazy Bones




Central America
South America



Alternate Names

Geloucos Roqueiros (Coca-Cola)
Geloucos Rockeiros (Coca-Cola)
Rockeros (Canada, Crazy Bones Board Game)

The Rockers series was a Crazy Bones production run limited to only a few thousand packs, and were never released/available in the U.S. As far as can be determined, they were based on rock stars popular at the time of manufacture. It is a very rare series which featured 60 characters to collect.

There are only a few thousand, if not hundred of these available in the whole world. Like the newly released Cool series, all characters are based on music. These were only available in Canada and South America. Since Crazy Bones were not very popular in those countries when the series arrived, these were only out for a few months. 

40 of the characters were included with "The Crazy Bones Board Game", which is also very hard to find. If you have a Rocker Gogo, you should hold on to it. 


Coca Cola

They were released in Mexico and South America with Coca-Cola as Geloucos Rockeiros. They could only be obtained by collecting special bottle caps. It was missing 3 figures from the set (one being a reprint). They were also released with a promotion by Topps Bazooka Bubblegum, but these figurines were solid colors instead of transparent and had a 'Bazooka' logo on the back.


Alternate Names

  • Geloucos Roqueiros (Coca-Cola)
  • Geloucos Rockeiros (Coca-Cola)
  • Rockeros (Canada, Crazy Bones Board Game)


  • Noseless and Bell Man are missing from the Coca-Cola series.
  • Some of the characters in this series were based on real life musicians.
  • They were Glowies when released in Canada, but they were many different colors when released in Central and South America.
  • A set of 40 of the figures are found in the Crazy Bones Board Game.
  • Some of the characters' artwork looks slightly different in the Coca-Cola series when compared with the Canadian series.