This article contains an unreleased series.

Official News from Crazy Bones Website in 1998.


Gogo's Crazy Bones, Pokemon


Planned in 1998


If Released, The US and Canada. (Probably Spain and Japan, too.)


Extremely Rare, if prototypes exist

Alternate Names

ポケットモンスタークレイジーボーンズ (Japanese Translation)

An unreleased series including characters from the hit Pokémon video game and anime franchise.

In 1998, there were plans of releasing a new series of Crazy Bones based on Pokémon, but it sadly never happened.

In The News

Fans of Pokémon and Crazy Bones may have to wait until the new year to play the Double Craze... Pokémon Crazy Bones. While the product looks like a certianly, its release date is anything but certain. The problem is approvals. For Pokémon Crazy Bones to happen, Spain and Japan have to make a deal. Pokémon Crazy Bones will feature 25 to 50 of the top Pokéfolk on small plastic blobs that can be flicked to win other bones, Poké or otherwise. Expect about 4 in a package for about $2. Also expect Pokébone stuff like a boneyard carrycase, sticker book and bone cage necklace/keychain. Just don't expect to see them tomorrow.

News from Crazy Bones Canada

"Pokémon Crazy Bones®!!! Play the Craze and catch 'em all! Coming later this year!!"

Alternate Names

  • ポケットモンスタークレイジーボーンズ (Japanese Translation)


  • This would have been the first anime-based series. The second would have been Dragonball Z and the third would have been Medabots.
  • Rumours say there could have been Pokémon Dunkin Shockys.