Miro-K is one of the rarest Gogo's ever made in the modern era. On April 9th, 2011, 1,000,000 Gogos were given away in Walgreens stores across North America. Among them were the only 5,000 Miro-Ks produced. The giveaway wasn't as successful as planned, and most of the rare Miro-Ks were given away in Facebook contests by JDNA. On September 1st, 2012, a yellow version of Miro-K was released in North America as part of an 18 Pack collection sold exclusively through Target stores.


An expert survivalist and noble ancient, Miro-K's masked visage beams wisdom and strength. One of the few remaining ancients Gogo's, he has become a recluse- and has since re-emerged to unite all the Gogo's clans.

Special Powers

Mystic Star Gazing helps him lead his teammates to victory. He can uncover all the weaknesses of his opponents.


  • Mystic Star Gazing

Favorite Game

  • K.O.


  • Many have asked why Miro-K has a PPI stamp and has the number 26 on the back. This is because Miro-K uses the same figure sculpt as Ayu, which is number 26 in the Megatrip series.
  • While the 18-Pack label states the "Yellow-K" is a limited edition, there seems to be no information on how long the promotion was designed to run, or how "limited" the figure may ultimately be. They were out of most Target stores by Spring 2013.
  • As of the first of November 2012, very few yellow Miro-K's were still available at Target stores. No further issuance is currently underway.
  • Now, over half a year later, it turned out the yellow Miro-K was indeed a very limited edition, and is quite rare. Typical prices on eBay for it range upward from $50.00 USD, with one being sold at $150 USD.


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