Magic Box Stamp
Magic box stamp


Gogo's Crazy Bones, Hielocos Coca Cola, Jojo's Bouncin Boneheads, Dracco Heads, The Barjos, TimFoot Jojo's, Kunckleheads, Millennium Bugs, Mega Millennium Bugs, Simpson Dracco Heads, Star Wars Dracco Heads, Dragon Hunter Dracco Heads, Toonz, Little Tokyo's, Bulls-I Chibis


Every Series


Magic Box Int, PPI Worldwide, Panini


Everywhere Gogo's are available

The Magic Box stamp is on the back of most Gogos. This is so you can be sure that your Gogo is one of the authentic Crazy Bones. There are other authentic Crazy Bones with different stamps.

The second most common is the PPI stamp. This is used in countries outside Europe and North America. (Example being Brazil or Phillippines) It is used for Urban Toys, Megatrip, Foot, Cool, and Monica's Gang series. (Also used for Miro-K.) A different PPI Worldwide Stamp was used for the Alternate Series of Mega Gogo's Crazy Bones, Mega Megatrip, and Mega Turma Da Monica. They all say "2009, 2010, or 2011 PPI Worldwide Group" at the top, but The Mega Turma Da Monica Gogo's has the words, "Mauricio De Sousa Producoes & 2011 PPI Worldwide Group". 

Licenced sets of figures will have the copyright symbol along with the company's name. For example, the Toy Story series has "Copyright Disney" above the stamp.

The Panini Stamp is only used in South America and Central America and is only used on those Gogo's.

What is very strange is that the Urban Toys Series has The Panini Stamp, but the number is above the stamp, but in the Megatrip and Fut Series, the number is in the stamp. There is a different Panini Stamp used for the Urban Toys Gogos. It is different than the first stamp. It is very simallar to the Magic Box Stamp. It has the Panini Logo on the stamp and it says Made In China at the top. 

The Coca Cola stamp is used on Hielocos, the name for Crazy Bones in Mexico. There was also a Bazooka logo for Rockers released by Bazooka Bubblegum.

The final Crazy Bones stamp is the Kelloggs stamp. It was used for the Hielocos Gigantes series.


  • Simpsons have CE stamp & Matt Groening's signature.
  • Frikis have a stamp that is almost unreadable. It seems to say "Bones TM"
  • Mexican Coca-Cola figures have a Coca-Cola stamp
  • Bulls-I Chibis have a CHINA stamp
  • Dragon Hunter Dracco Heads feature no stamp. Instead, there is a small circle molded in the bottom left corner of the figure with its number inside.
  • Toonz figures released in Europe have the Toonz logo and number under the figure. This is removed in the North American release because of Toonz being called "Blinku" in America, however, the number remains on the characters.
  • Abatons have a stamp with the name of their tribe on it.
  • THIS IS NOT UNOFFICIAL. It is a type of stamp only found on Indian gogos. It said PPI n top with worldwide running around the edge of the circle. These were released in India by urban toys and topps probably in collaberation with PPI Worldwide.