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Little Tokyo's




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Alternate Names

Little Japs

Little Tokyo's (otherwise known as Little Jap's) were once Asian toys. However due to how they were made it caused pollution so they were taken off the market. It looked gloomy for these cute little characters, it felt like they would never see the light of day...

Then something amazing happened, a toy company known as Exit-Toys of Barcelona picked up the moulds and turned these characters into collectible fun figures.

There is 36 cute characters in total, which come in 2 different colors also some characters can come out in clear colors, but only in the special edition green metal boxes.



  • The manual states that they were originally battery operated toys from Japan, but due to pollution they were taken off the shelves. The figures no longer use batteries and are just plastic figures like Gogo's. This is likely to be a fictional storyline and they never were battery operated.
  • Gogo's from Series 1 are seen in the Little Tokyo's TV commercial, so they are obviously meant as a rival to Gogo's Crazy Bones.
  • The characters are sorted into groups of colours (Yellow, Blue, Light Blue, Red, Orange, Green, Black, White & Purple).
  • The figures come out in groups of 4 of the same color.
  • All models are painted.
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