Gogosland was an interactive website related to Gogo's Crazy Bones. The website, originally known as, was known by the community for its large amount of content and secrets.

The website featured checklists for almost all series, as well as links to the classic Crazy Bones. Multiple versions of the site exist depending on the link you use and the area you live in. While the USA and Europe used their own sites for the product, all other countries used Gogosland as the main website. Because of this, profiles and checklists for Groovy, Fut, and other sets could be found.

The website allowed users to upload images, comics, and videos onto the site. Other users had the ability to vote for that content. The most popular content would make it onto the leaderboard. The user with the most popular content on the site had a chance to win Gogo's prizes. There was only one known winner, and it is unknown if the contest continued afterwards.

In 2016, the Gogosland site was taken down and redirected to the official page for Claro's Disney Gogo's promotion. As of August 2016, the domain remains empty.


Most of the site's content, including checklist. product info, and images/comics are lost and are inaccessible with the

Channel splash

Gogosland's YouTube channel.

Wayback Machine Internet Archive, but the videos can still be found on the GogosLand Youtube channel "gogocrazy2", where all videos from the site were uploaded. The channel itself caused a good amount of controversy in the Gogo's community, as most Gogosland users did not like the fact that their content was being uploaded to YouTube without their permission. Because all of the site's videos were uploaded, the channel contains a number strange videos that aren't related to Crazy Bones at all.

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