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Alternate Names

Series 1
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Porta Gogo's

"Play the Craze!"

–Marketing slogan

Released in 1996, this is series is where the Gogo's Crazy Bones franchise had gotten it's start. It includes many popular characters, and has a total of 60 characters to collect.


Canadian Series 1,2 & 3

In Canada, half of this series was part of Series 1 and 2 which combined some of the Things characters as well as eight exclusive characters that were not part of any other existing series.

Gogo's Glowies

A special version of the original series, but every character in the pack glows in the dark. These packs were promotional items for a local newspaper in Ohio during the height of the Crazy Bones "Craze" sometime in the late 1990s. These are extremely rare, and there may have only been a few hundred packs ever made, if not less. The outer package is different from other series as this package is made of thick paper and not foil.


In South America during the mid-1990's, the Coca-Cola soft drink company released this series (along with figures from the Things series) that could be purchased by writing down a code found under the bottle cap or lid. They were known as Geloucos (Brazil) and Hielocos (Mexico). These figures were the same as regular Gogo's, but they could only be found in colors such as Jellies, Glowies and Sparkles. They also bear Coca-Cola stamps on their backs instead of Magic Box stamps.



  • This series was retired in 2003 and no more were made.
  • In Mexico and Brazil, these figures were named Hielocos or Geloucos, respectively, and were given away with Coca-Cola bottles or inside bags of chips.
  • In Portugal, Matutolas (Frito Lay) also released figures from this series, but with different sculpts.
  • In Canada, the series was split into Series 1 and Series 2 (which also had Gogo's from what would be known as the Things series).
  • The Canadian release‘s figures were significantly smaller than the U.S. release.
  • There was a limited run of packs of Glowies, which only had Glow in the Dark figures.
    • The Glowies packs were given away with the local newspapers in Cleveland, Ohio.

 Alternate Names

  • Crazy Bones Serie(s) 1 (Canada)
  • Crazy Bones Serie(s) 2 (Canada)
  • Crazy Bones (Europe)
  • Gogo's Crazy Bones (U.S.)
  • Gogo's (U.S.)
  • Hielocos Coca-Cola (Mexico)
  • Geloucos Coca-Cola (Brazil)
  • Matutolas / Porta Gogo's (Portugal)