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Gogo Hits




  • KingGoGo - Party Flobar (03:20)
  • Britney Spears - Born To Make You Happy (Radio Edit) (03:35)
  • Audrey Hannah - Waiting For... (Serenade of Love) (Uptempo Mix) (04:36)
  • KingGoGo - GoGo Love (03:39)
  • Atemlos - Schlaflos (Radio/Videoversion) (03:43)
  • Tyrone - Ayleen (Radio Edit) (03:22)
  • Echt - Weinst Du? (Single Version) (03:51)
  • French Affair - My Heart Goes Boom (LaDiDaDa) (Radio Version) (03:39)
  • KingGoGo - Weltweit (GoGo Nr#1) (03:51)
  • Modern Talking - China In Her Eyes (feat. Eric Singleton) (Video Version) (03:09)
  • KingGoGo - GoGo People (03:20)
  • Rednex - The Way I Mate (03:46)
  • Hampton The Hampster - The Official Hampster Dance Song (Radio Edit) (03:43)
  • KingGoGo - Who Stole The CoConut? (02:39)
  • Ground Control vs. Peter Schilling - Major Tom 2000 (Radio Mix) (03:40)
  • Stefan raab Maschen-Draht-Zaun (Radio Edit) (03:24)
  • TWIPSY (03:05)
  • Eiffel 85 - Move Your Body (D.J. Original Video Edit) (03:30)
  • Westlife - I Were A Dream (04:06)
  • KingGoGo - Forever GoGo (Mein Sterry) (03:32)
Gogo Hits is a German music CD based on the Gogo's Crazy Bones series. It was released in 2000.



  • The album cover has Crazy Bones from Gogo's (1996), Mutants and Buddies.
  • Despite the cover mentioning eight King GoGo songs, only six of the tracks are original songs that were composed for this album.



Hampton The Hampster - The Hampsterdance Song (Radio Edit)-0


Britney Spears - Born To Make You Happy (Radio Edit)-1


Modern Talking - China in Her Eyes (Extended Video Version) feat. Eric Singleton

The Breakz




  • One Step At A Time
  • Let's Go

In Holland during August 2011, C1000 worked alongside Talpa Music and PPI Worldwide to created a new promotional campaign for the Groovy Gogo's series. Talpa and C1000 chose 6 of the 80 characters in the set and used them as the main characters for the set's advertisements. In promotional material, the 6 chosen characters (Tez, Bee, Zipp, Blinq, Flow, and Hip) formed a band named “The Breakz”.

Talpa then created a catchy song and music video produced in Miami with professional performers and named the video as “The Breakz - Let's Go”. A month prior to the launch of the promotion, “The Breakz” music clip was launched in Holland via YouTube and a famous Dutch blogger causing a “National Hype” prior to the launch of the Groovy Gogo’s Promotion.

A second song, titled "One Step At A Time" was also produced and sold alongside "Let's Go" on a CD in C1000 stores.


  • Despite the music video for "Let's Go" being filmed in Miami, the Groovy series was never released in the USA.
  • While the "Let's Go" campaign was created for C1000 in the Netherlands, it was also used in other countries such as Columbia and the Czech Republic.




The Breakz - Let's Go (Official Video)-1

Groovy Earphones


  • Tez
  • Blinq

A Tez & Blinq figure sold in a box with headphones that resemble them. C1000 stores only.



Crazy Bones Theme Song-0

The Crazy Bones Rap Song is the Theme Song for Crazy Bones back in the 1990's. It was on thier website, and Singing Plushes were made for this song. The song was supposed to be written and performed by Rapper.


"You got your Bones Ready? A Group of Bones too?"

"Play with Crazy Bones, that's what you got to do!"

"Get your Stickers, Get your Target. Play for Fun, Play for Keeps."

"Just play those Crazy Bones on the Playground and The Streets!"

"Play with Crazy Bones and you'll never be Alone!"

"That's What you gotta do, you got to Play With Crazy Bones!" 

"You got to Play, You got to Play The Craze!"

"You got to Play The Craze!"


  • The Crazy Bones Rap was used in a Canadian commercial in 1998. In the ad, the term "play for keeps" is removed from the song.
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I Want To Be Your Gogo! (The Gogo Song)

You can listen to this song right here!

I Want To Be Your Gogo! is a song that was made in for The Megatrip (Special Edition) Commercial(s) in 2009/2010. It was used at the end of Carrefour Commercials, and an Instrumental Version was used in the "Introducing Gogo's at Carrefour Supermarkets" Commercial.  


Song Starts with Instruments Playing.

Chorus Starts

"Wake Me Up, Wake Me Up, I want to be your Gogo!" "We're Moving constantly, seeing you walking past, let me remind you, we are here, waiting just for you!" 

Instruments Play, as the Main Signers Voice Echos.  

Chorus Continues  

"Wake Me Up, Wake Me Up, I want to be your Gogo! Come on and Play with Me! Wake Me Up, Wake Me Up, I want to be your Gogo! Come on and Play with Me!"

"Let's do it, Join With Us! All of Us, Upside Down, and Why don't you join us? In This Game we have made for you!"

Instruments Play, as the Main Signers Voice Echos.  

Chorus Continues  

"Wake Me Up, Wake Me Up, I want to be your Gogo! Come on and Play with Me! Wake Me Up, Wake Me Up, I want to be your Gogo! Come on and Play with Me!"

"Hold still, look at me, I can see, you are smiling. let me remind you, we are here, waiting just for you!" 

Instruments Play, then he says "Come and Play!"

Another Singer takes other.

"I'm all cool with My Gogo Brothers. Crowd is within, Picked up my Ride. Mash Up, Fooling Around, Moving About, Swinging the hips with The Gogo Chicks. I can really dig it, I'm a Cool Looking Figure, I was blessed to sing, making people swing. Now I really get to choose, the Gang with the. There's Need for Others, Just Me and My Brothers."

A Chorus of Ohs, are heard.

The Pervious Singer Returns

He says "Come and Play, Yeah!", as the Chorus Continues, as the Background Music.

He says, "Come on!" "Just Play with Me!", "Hey!", Chorus Music Plays, "Come on and Play!", "Woahahoah!", "Wake Me Up!", and "Come On and Play with me!", as the Chorus plays.

He joins the Chorus and says "Wake Me Up, Wake Me Up!", "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!", and "Yay!", a few times.

He ends the song, with one last "Woahahoah!".

The Song Ends with Instruments playing.