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The Genios Universe version of Gogo's Crazy Bones was a series that combined characters from the Urban Toys, Megatrip, and Foot series. It was only available in Argentina, and was released by the Genios Magazine Company, as well as Panini and PPI Worldwide.

Each pack includes two Gogo's, and puzzle stickers from the comic from the Urban Toy series.


This series had many variants that remain exclusive to the series.

  • Unpainted - Like most Panini series, this one featured unpainted Gogos.
  • Glow in the Dark - This series featured Glow in the Dark characters in a green color seen in Brazil's Megatrip.
  • Glitter - This series featured glitter characters in a clear color, in addition to lime and vermillion. While Evolution had similar colors, the lime and vermillion colors have never been seen in any other Panini series.
  • Metal - A figure in a matte gold color, seen also in Cool.
  • Toothpaste - A white figure with a shiny holographic swirls. This is the only time this variant is seen in any modern series.
  • Precious Metals - This series featured unpainted Precious Metal figures, just like the classic series. In this series, precious metals came in a bronzish-gold and silver variant.


  • This series saw most, if not all of the Panini colors, used. This means figures from Urban Toys were available in colors seen in Megatrip, such as sand blue. Megatrip figures were available in colors from Fut, and so on.
  • This series had no painted figures.


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