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In 2010, PPI Worldwide and Magic Box Int. released the England 2010 series, celebrating the 2010 England National Football team; the project was so large that it was touted as a new series, thus making, for the UK, the Superstar Series #S.

The characters were, and continue to be, sold in foil packs, quite similar to those of all other series, yet with only two figures per. Unlike other series, this series didn't feature any stickers or cards in packs. Each character was slightly larger than normal, and the names of each player were printed on the back side of the figure. 27 total figures were issued, along with a custom display case called the England Dugout 2010 which was emblazoned on both sides with the teams crest.

Notable amongst the figures were 5 laser figures (similar to the Explorer lasers), as well as distinctive figures representing the goalies Robert Green and David James in green jerseys (all other team members sport their white jerseys, except coach/manager Fabio Capello, who is dressed in a suit).

Another very unique figure was one of the crest itself, considered by some to also be a rarity, though not as such, but rather simply less than common like some other figures.



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