Diamond Tins
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Gogo's Crazy Bones




North America

The Black and White Diamond tins are a set of two tins each having 10 different characters packaged, and it was released on October 5, 2012.

The Gogo's from each tin reuse the moulds from some of the Megatrip characters. They are an exclusive at Walgreens stores in the United States, a JDNA brand-partnering marketing approach similar to that of the 18-Pack available only at Target. The tins are proving to be difficult to find; apparently JDNA (exclusive North American distributor) limited the number of tins allowed for sale, creating instant rarities.


Black Tin

White Tin


  • There is a bootleg version of the White Diamond Tin. This version of the tin is presumably wider than the real tin, and it doesn't have the character's artwork. It also contains the "Gogo's Crazy Bones White Diamond Tin" logo on the sides, and has the booklet and Gogo's from the Advanced' tin.


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