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Danone Logo.

Danone is a company that produces fresh dairy products, bottled water, cereals and baby foods, and yogurts all over the world.  


Danone had a promotion and made A Special Series of Gogo's that were called Dino Gogo's, or alternately Danoninos (the latter was the name used on the stickers). These are very rare. There were 30 figures in the series, which was released in Spain in 2008. 20 of the figures are based on sculpts from the Megatrip series, and 10 were Dino characters. The stamp carries the Danone "D" as a corporate mark instead of the usual Magic Box Int/PPI/etc., one of only 5 companies to do so.

Other Series

Mini Dinos

There was an Unofficial Series that look very similar to Gogo's released called Mini Dinos, also distributed by Danone. These are also made by PPI Worldwide.


Mini Dinos. (Unoffical)


Danone and Strauss are currently having a Wikkeez Promotion with PPI. They are releasing Disney Princess Wikkeez from Series 1 & 2 as well as Marvel Wikkeez.

Danoninos (from the Grannelle collection)

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