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In 1999, Cap'n Crunch, a popular American breakfast cereal, released a free Mega Crazy Bone (referred to as "Power Bombers") with each select marketed box - the promotion was focused on the Canadian market, but was broadcast on U.S. television stations as well. They are extremely rare nowadays. There are 6 to collect: the three Cap'n Crunch figures (blue, yellow, and red), which were included in boxes of cereal, and The Crunch Crew, which required sending an order form, supplied on the back of these same specially marked packages.

Released in 1999, All 4 Fun Toy Products Ltd. created a series of Crazy Bones for a cereal promotion with Cap'n Crunch, consisting of a small line of exclusively designed toys, and advocated by two animated advertising television segments featuring the giveaway. The figures were slightly larger than those regularly issued, presumably to prevent them from being swallowed by younger children and thus becoming a choking hazard. The end result was the Power Bomber, the largest figure ever released by either Gogo's or Crazy Bones.

The series consisted of a total of 12 figures, three Cap'n Crunch (red, yellow, and blue), as well as three other characters known simply as Betty, Bang and Billy (same colors). These figures are extremely rare, since the promotion was short lived - any surviving pieces are all but impossible to find.




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